is a top priority at LIP Invest. We commit ourselves to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Therefore we have integrated sustainability criteria and the standard implementation of an ESG due diligence in our purchase process. We measure the sustainability of our portfolios and provide an annual ESG-reporting.

All our funds are pursuing an ESG approach, so our investments take ecological and social aspects as well as good corporate governance into account.

As part of our strategy, we ensure that we maintain a balance between the requirements of the environment, our tenants, investors and partners along with our employees.

Our corporate culture is characterized by partnership, professionalism and transparency. These complied values reflect our understanding of responsibility.

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG-compliant investments accordingly are in harmony with the environment, the society and a good corporate governance. All three aspects include various criteria, which must be considered in an integrated sustainability concept.

Environmental, Social, Governance


In real estate investments sustainability can be stipulated on different levels: on corporate level of the asset manager, on fund level and on property level. To fully integrate the sustainability concept, various measures and control parameters must be implemented in the individual areas.

ESG Corporate Level

Sustainability at LIP Invest

Each decision of our investment managers has environmental, social and economic implications. Sustainability aspects are part of our risk and opportunity assessment in investment and asset management. All our activities aim to generate added value for our investors and actively help shaping positive change at the same time. Our investment strategies focus on taking ESG-criteria into account. We are convinced that our investors do not have to choose between an attractive yield or the sustainability of their investments.

Our ESG-objectives

  • Review and realization of our ESG-policies and marks for all funds
  • Annual reporting on our ESG activities and progress
  • Regular ESG workshops and training for our employees
  • Modern workplaces for our employees
  • Development and realization of a sustainable procurement policy (including energy supply)
  • Supporting charities and their projects
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A transparent and regular communication with our stakeholders plays a significant role. As part of our annual ESG reporting, investors as well as other stakeholders are informed about the sustainability measures on company, fund and asset level.

ESG funds level


Our funds are committed to achieve their financial objective while obtaining market-leading sustainability standards on asset and fund level. We aim to manage funds with leading sustainability qualities for the asset class logistics.

We have defined high sustainability requirements for our funds. They preserve against potential profit cuts by offering resilience to stricter regulatory requirements, erratic operating costs and changing expectations of users and future buyers.

The ESG obligations of our funds are assigned in the sustainability guidelines.



The GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) rating system measures the ESG performance on portfolio level. The system considers extensive information on the management of the company, the fund and the real estates such as strategy, guidelines and processes as well as energy consumption, tenants, etc. Based on the results, specific action schedules can be established.

We previously participated in the GRESB rating in 2020 with our first fund. The assessment of ESG performance is to be established in standard for all further funds. To measure the progress continuously an annual update is planned.

ESG asset level

ESG acquisition criteria

The individual property is the base for the sustainability assessment of a portfolio. ESG standards must be considered over the entire process of a property, starting with the estate selection and active asset management through to the sale.

The implementation of sustainability measures can help to reduce the incidentals for the tenant and thus improve the ability to re-rent. In addition, the value of the real estate increases along with the competitive position regarding a sale.

Sustainability criteria in the acquisition of logistic property

Resilience and adaptability to climate change (for instance flood risk)
Risk from contaminated sites (soil or groundwater)
Use of building materials
Building services engineering
Energy and water supply
Energy certificates and other regulatory risks
Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
Water consumption, use of rainwater
Waste accumulation and separation
Indoor air quality
Transport connection
Green space and biodiversity

ESG due diligence

As part of the acquisition process at LIP, an ESG Due Diligence is performed by a service provider for each acquisition object.

The following criteria are checked during that process:

  • Compliance check
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste management
  • Indoor and outdoor room quality
  • Natural risks and resilience
  • Mobility concept
  • Digitalization concept
  • Sustainability certificate
  • Stakeholder engagement

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