LIP Real Estate Investment Fund – Logistics Germany

Institutional investors can currently participate in the fund being placed. The open-ended Immobilien Spezial AIF will build a broadly diversified and profitable portfolio as part of a core-plus investment strategy. Six properties have already been purchased, others are in the process of being purchased and have been realised from a stable, secure pipeline. Our high product availability ensures investors a rapid capital call. The total of nine investors who have so far invested in the LIP fund include pension funds, pension funds and savings banks.

Six months after the fund was launched, 130 million euros have already been invested in high-quality logistics properties. This fund invests exclusively in Germany.

In property selection, we concentrate on the marketability and re-rentalability of the properties. Here we consider different types of property, such as distribution properties or transshipment halls, as well as different user groups, such as production, retail or e-commerce.

Logistic chains, delivery routes and technology all change, which is why we pay close attention to shifting goods flows, markets developments and technological advances as well as new user requirements and their impact on site layouts and technical specifications.

We base our investment decisions on the results of our own substantial inhouse research. We don’t rely on the opinions of others, but thoroughly analyse the market ourselves to make lasting decisions for the good of our investors.

We manage the portfolio in its entirety and cover the complete supply chain internally.

To meet the KAGB requirements, we work with the service KVG IntReal in Hamburg. M.M.Warburg & CO (AG & Co.) have taken over the depositary function. 

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