Alexander Decker joins from ARCADIS to LIP Invest

Alexander Decker joins from ARCADIS to LIP Invest

LIP Invest, leading investment manager for Logistics Real Estate in Germany, is expanding its team with Alexander Decker (30). The civil engineer and real estate economist previously worked for Arcadis, a global service provider for real estate-specific engineering services. As a project manager, he was responsible for various major projects, including cost management and management reporting for the construction of the BMW Research and Innovation Centre Munich.

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As Director Asset Management at LIP, Decker will bear the performance-responsibility for the over 1 billion euros logistics property portfolio and will control and support both technical and commercial asset management in their tasks.

Decker studied environmental engineering and civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich and successfully completed both courses with the titles Bachelor of Science and Master of Science. He then started his career at Arcadis, where he was able to gain extensive experience in real estate management and project control – primarily in the segments of contract management, awarding of construction and planning services as well as cost and quality monitoring.

In 2020, Alexander Decker completed his degree in real estate economics at IRE|BS while working fulltime.

“With our large portfolio, efficient processes will become more and more important in the future. In addition, the requirements for sustainability and environmental protection are constantly increasing. Mr. Decker combines excellent technical and commercial know-how with appropriate project and process experience. Precisely these combinations predestine him for this demanding task”, says Bodo Hollung, partner and managing director of LIP Invest, pleased about the competent reinforcement of his team.

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