LIP Invest focuses on more solar energy for logistics properties

LIP Invest focuses on more solar energy for logistics properties

LIP Invest, leading investment manager and fund initiator for Logistics Real Estate in Germany, is establishing a long-term partnership with Avantag Energy for the construction of photovoltaic systems.

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The newly founded company AvanLog Solar will gradually equip the roof areas of the LIP logistics portfolio objects with solar modules. AvanLog Solar is available as a competent partner to other owners of logistics or commercial properties as well.

The founding of the company AvanLog Solar is fully in line with the ESG strategy of LIP Invest: Among other things, the goal is to install photovoltaic systems on 60 percent of the potentially usable roof areas over the course of the next 5 years. LIP is cooperating with the specialist provider of renewable energies Avantag Energy, part of the MVV Energie AG. The Luxembourg company Avantag has experience from more than 200 completed projects on industrial and commercial sites.

The roof areas of logistics properties offer great potential for the installation of photovoltaic systems. On one hand, green meadow areas that already have been built can be reused, thus avoiding further soil sealing. On the other hand, the production of renewable energy improves the CO2 footprint of the entire logistics property portfolio. But not only can the LIP logistics properties use the roof areas ecologically but should also generate additional rental income for the funds, which can lead to an overall value increase of the portfolios.

First photovoltaic project started in Zülpich

The 4 logistics real estate funds of LIP Invest currently comprise 50 properties. As part of a feasibility study, LIP Invest has identified which of these properties come in consideration for the installation of a photovoltaic system from a static point of view. The roof areas of 23 properties with a total of 320,000 square meters are currently suitable. This results in an estimated electricity yield of around 40,500 megawatt hours per year. This in turn enables CO2 savings of 15,000 tons per year in total.

The focus of the joint campaign is on self-consumption systems. Therefore, the tenants of the logistics properties can obtain the energy produced directly as green electricity. The companies benefit from both cost savings and an improvement in their own carbon footprint.

As a first joint project, a 20,000 square meter roof area of the LIP logistics property in Zülpich is currently being equipped with 10,600 solar modules. These provide an output of around 4,000 kilowatt peak and can completely cover the tenant's additional electricity needs.

In 2022, initially another 10 properties are to be equipped with photovoltaic systems by AvanLog Solar.

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