LIP Invest is expanding its teaching activities about logistics real estate

LIP Invest is expanding its teaching activities about logistics real estate

LIP Invest, leading investment manager for Logistics Real Estate in Germany, becomes special partner as sponsor for the new course at the IRE|BS Immobilienakademie: The intensive course Real Estate Transaction Management will start next year with Bodo Hollung and Daniel Pahl as lecturers.

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“This intensive course conveys the indispensable tools that are necessary to meet the complex challenges in the transaction process.Because not only hard skills are decisive, but also soft skills”, explains Bodo Hollung, partner and managing director of LIP Invest. He and Pahl will introduce the students to the specifics of transaction processes in logistics real estate with various lectures.

Bodo Hollung
Daniel Pahl


The Real Estate Transaction Management intensive course prepares students within three months for their role as an essential player in the life cycle of real estate. In order to be able to examine real estate, legal and tax law aspects of a transaction process, the necessary understanding is imparted during the lectures. Combined with intensive pitchand presentation training and the teaching of soft skills, the course takes aholistic approach.


“I am looking forward to use a case study to convey tothe participants the special aspects of the transaction process for the highly attractive asset class logistics real estate – and by now the second mostimportant among commercial real estate”, says Daniel Pahl, General Counsel & Head of Operations at LIPInvest.


LIP sponsors the top of the year


LIP Invest has been dedicated to the IRE|BS for a longtime. Bodo Hollung and Natalie Weber, Head of Logistics & Research, are already teaching real estate economics courses in Berlin and Frankfurt. Now, the top of the year in Transaction Management will be sponsored by LIP with aprize money. As a member of the advisory board, Hollung will also coordinate the orientation and curriculum of the new course with the management at regular intervals.

In addition to the IRE|BS Immobilienakademie, LIP has lectureships at the University Aschaffenburg and the Nürtingen-Geislingen Universityof Applied Sciences. As part of these lectures, the subjects of the logistics and logistics real estate are thought. The findings of the LIP research department are regularly integrated into these lectures.


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