LIP logistics center Obernburg: Technisches Hilfswerk uses another 10,000 square meters

LIP logistics center Obernburg: Technisches Hilfswerk uses another 10,000 square meters

In the multi-user logistics center in Obernburg, which was acquired by LIP Invest in 2020 for a fund and covers more than 70,000 square meters, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) will be using additional extensive logistics space in the future.

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THW has already been a user of one unit of the logistics center since the fall of 2021 and has now expanded the space by a second hall section to a total of 20,000 square meters. The logistics areas serve to improve the nationwide provision of protective materials and equipment for civil protection in acute crisis situations. The shelves are currently filled with reserves of protective materials for Bavaria and the federal government. These include materials for combating the corona pandemic, i.e. vaccination supplies, tests and protective masks. But equipment that is used in emergency situations - for example, tents and camp beds - is also stored here.

During the ceremonial opening at the end of September 2022, Dr. Fritz Helge Voß, State Representative of THW Bavaria, emphasized the importance of central logistics points in his welcoming speech and explained: "Today, you can get sandbags for flood protection for a few cents each, while in emergency situations they are either not available at all or are difficult to obtain and usually cost many times more. The situation is similar for other protective materials. It is precisely for such cases that we are setting up central logistics centers like this one throughout Germany. On the one hand, they serve as central reserves for civil defense and population protection, and on the other hand, as a high-performance transshipment point in case of need - such as now during the pandemic." In case of need, the volunteer emergency forces can move in from the catchment area around the Obernburg logistics center within minutes and deliver the relevant relief supplies quickly and efficiently thanks to the good transport links.

"The THW is initially using the units in Obernburg as a medium-term location. We would be pleased to welcome THW as a long-term user as well due to our good cooperation and the central location of the logistics center," Bodo Hollung, partner and managing director of LIP Invest. concludes.

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